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vimrc and plugins. This is a good introduction for getting started with Vim.

I found this fantastic tutorial which was very well written and it included the basics of using Vim. It also had a few great screenshots to help you understand how to use Vim and some of its features.

Vimcasts is a good place to start learning the basics of Vim. I have not actually taken any of the courses yet, but they look quite good and have come highly recommended.

I love Vim and never plan to give it up. While it is an excellent text editor, it is not at all meant for developers. The better solution would be to use a visual text editor like VS Code or Sublime Text to help you with your Vim usage.

I will include the best options at the end to help you pick a good text editor.

I only recommend the following tools for you to check out.

The Downloadable Packages

There are various packages that will come bundled with Vim, like HTML, CSS, XML, Git and SQL, to name a few. For each of them, there are multiple versions. The following link is where to find them:

Awesome Vim Plugins

Here is a list of all the plugins that I have found on I have tried to sort them by category, but it is not a very detailed list and you can find plugins for all categories under one link.

The popular version of Vim is 7.4.

These plugins will help you in the following ways:

A full list of the top 100 plugins (for vim):

These are some of the best plugins for Vim. It is great to see how many people have contributed to this list and this is a good indication of the power of Vim. If you’re using Vim and don’t want to use Vim Plugins, there are many plugins that you can find here:


This is a handy plugin for learning Vim in a tutorial fashion. It allows you to access tutorials for many topics, learn the commands and try it out.














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