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Baixar N64 Pkg Emulador Para Ps3


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Remove element from array using custom function in C#

I have an array that is full of objects. I want to remove the object at a certain index. I wrote a function that takes in the object and the index and removes it from the array.

public void removeElement(object element, int index)


int index1 = 0;

int index2 = 0;

if (index > 0)


if (index == 0)


index1 = index;



index2 = index;


// how do I do this?

MyObject myObject = listOfObjects[index1];

listOfObjects[index1] = myObject;

listOfObjects[index2] = myObject;


How do I remove the element at a certain index from the array?


Use Array.RemoveAt(int index)


If you don’t want to change the index of the element, use Array.Remove(object element) instead.


how to extract specific text from xml using jquery

i want to extract the text from below xml using jquery but i am not able to find the solution

below is the code


You can use


var string













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