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A planned two-part arc—the end of Book 3 and the beginning of Book 4—was announced with the release of “The Promise Part I”, introducing the first arc’s three lead characters: Lin Beifong, Kai and Tonraq.


Series co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino expressed that the storyline had been planned before the release of “The Promise Part I”. He stated in an interview with Comic Book Resources, “You know, we started this story a long time before Korra came on the scene, and we still had many years after she came on the scene. So, we were really prepping and laying groundwork for the longer story. And I think it’s only fitting that when we have a really major turn, we have two arcs back-to-back. It’s a full-on arc, and I’m really excited about it”.

According to TV Guide, “The Promise” is the first part of the finale, and includes “an intense action sequence”, which DiMartino stated “is a long chapter that runs through the first half of the book, and it also introduces a new villain in the series”.

In “The Promise Part I”, the series introduced two new characters: Lin Beifong, the police officer and sister of Avatar Korra; and Tonraq, leader of the southern tribe and father of an “impossible-to-beat teenage fugitive”. The arc was scripted as a three-parter, due to “much uncertainty” in the future of the series as a whole. DiMartino noted that the finale was an “opportunity to tell an entire story, so we’re going to do a three-parter”. It is the first of the franchise’s sagas, the last being the “Book of the Moon”, and ties up several plot threads from the previous three books.


The two-part arc was first announced with the release of “The Promise Part I”, which was written by DiMartino and Craig Thompson, and drawn by Derek Kriesel. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, DiMartino described “The Promise” as a “notable chapter” and stated that the arc was the culmination of the last arc. A trailer of the two-parter, “The Promise”, was released online by Nickelodeon on June 29, 2012. The trailer depicts an extensive fight between the antagonists, Korra and Unalaq, with the climax occurring in a prison cell.














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