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AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a desktop app released by Autodesk that is used to create 2D and 3D drawings using the 2D drafting tools, commands, and drawing techniques. AutoCAD Crack Mac also includes a number of specialized design tools and utilities, such as surface modeling and creating engineering/engineering design drawings.


General functionality

The basic functionality of AutoCAD includes the ability to create drawings (2D and 3D) and basic editing functionality, such as undo, redo, and cut, copy, paste, and so on. AutoCAD also has a feature for the use of dimensions, which is the ability to create and edit vertical or horizontal lines.

Drawing and editing


Allows the user to create drawings using the tools that are available for 2D and 3D drawing functionality. The user can save these drawings to a drawing set, which will become an AutoCAD drawing in the next step.

Creating drawing sets:

Allows the user to save drawings as an AutoCAD drawing set. These drawing sets can be named as “AutoCAD Design”, “AutoCAD Architectural”, “AutoCAD Mechanical” and “AutoCAD Civil”.

Autodesk has introduced the concept of spline drawing and spline modeling. Spline editing allows the user to create “carpeted” lines, which are lines that look like they’re made up of knots on a loom. Carpeted lines can be created with the pen tool (Pen/pencil tool).

Basic functions

Editing functions, such as selecting, creating, and modifying shapes:

Allows the user to select objects and create them on screen, or to modify them. Objects are generally represented by geometrical shapes or collections of the same type of shape (rectangles, circles, polygons, and so on).

Actions and commands

Allows the user to create drawing sets, edit them, and save the set as an AutoCAD drawing in a given drawing set.

Allows the user to create drawings, and to open a drawing set in which a specific drawing was created. It is possible to open a drawing set even if the user does not have the drawing set saved.

Viewing functions, such as Zoom and Pan:

Allows the user to view and work on a drawing set. A zoom level can be selected in

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AutoCAD supports a rich set of macros in the form of functions, procedures and subroutines. The use of macros allows for quick and flexible programming as compared to the use of code. An example of a macro is the use of [Macro] to set a property.

Actions are used to define events and to automate them. Every action has an Execute Function. The actions are listed below.

The command is a button, menu, or object that can be used to perform a specific operation on the drawing. Commands are typically labelled with a number. For example, a [W] and [M] command would create an arc on a face. Commands are listed below.

Command Reference
The command reference includes detailed information about a command’s properties, including arguments and return types. Commands are listed below.

The Axes property is used to define the scaling of the drawing.

Dimensions are used to give information about the size and location of an object. Dimensions are used to create annotating text, and to draw guides, like an annotation. Dimensions are listed below.

Dimensioning is the process of applying specific dimension settings for selected entities. It is also known as dimensioning by shape, dimensioning by dimension, and dimensioning by layout. Dimensioning operations are listed below.

The Door object is used to create a section that looks like a door. Doors are typically used to create a section of a wall, a compartment, or a door opening. Doors are listed below.

Drafting Style
Drafting Styles are the different ways that objects are displayed on a drawing. They can be used to change the display of a shape. Drafting Styles are listed below.

Drawing Pattern
Drawing Patterns are used to specify the order of drawing elements. The use of a pattern makes the drawing more efficient and it may help to achieve a specific design.

Drawing Template
Drawing Templates are used to apply a preset drawing style and pattern to multiple objects.

Entity is a generic term used to refer to any type of object. Entities are listed below.

Functions are used to customize the way that objects are displayed. Functions are used to achieve a specific design and are listed below.

A Group is a way to combine a set of objects.

AutoCAD Crack + X64 Latest

Open the main menu on the start.

Go to view.

Select Tools tab and the right part of the Window.

Expand the right side of the window and select the tab called Options.

Select the tab called Options.

Click the Create New.

Press the button on the right side of the window.

Select an output format.

For example, select the common.

Check the box called Create new XLA file.

Name the file.

In the list on the left side, select the tab called Paths.

Click the right side of the page.

Click the tab called Set Default.

Under the General section, click the down arrow next to Set as Default.

Select the menu item.

Click Ok.

Select a password.

Select the menu item.

Click Ok.

In the Select Output Path for Adobe PDF Generation menu, select Adobe PDF.

Click Ok.

Select an output path.

Select the menu item.

Click Ok.

Select a password.

Check the box called Create new XLA file.

Check the box called Create a password.

The newly created password will be saved in the Options dialog box.

Click Ok.

Click Apply.

Select a category.

In the drop down menu, select the category for the password.

Enter a name for the password.

Click Ok.

The Autocad password will be saved in the Options dialog box.

Click Apply.

Close the Options window.

Close the Options dialog box.

Close the Options dialog box.

Close the Options dialog box.

Click the workspace tab.

Expand the right side of the workspace and select the tab called Toolbars.

Click the right side of the workspace and select the toolbar called Format Toolbar.

In the Toolbar Type section, select the format of the toolbar.

Check the box called Show Autocad.

Click Ok.

Close the Options dialog box.

Close the Options dialog box.

Check the box called Show Autocad.

Check the box called Show XLA Toolbar.

Click Ok.

Click the workspace tab.

Expand the right side of the workspace and select the tab called Variables.

Click the right side of the workspace and select the variable called Application_CAD_Password.

In the Variable Type section, select the variable type for the variable.

In the Variable Value section, enter the password.

Click Ok.

Check the box

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Import selected object properties from other drawings. Import layer or block properties from other drawings and use them as a starting point for your drawing.

Re-render multiple layers in one step. Re-render layers in the viewport and/or from the command line.

CAD to AutoCAD Server:

Add enhancements to the CAD import and export:

CAD import:

Import as DXF from AutoCAD, MicroStation, or solid models. Supports in-memory solid and wireframe rendering. Supports mesh generation of solids. Supports a CIM database for importing. Supports import of image overlays. Supports DWG format import. Supports AutoCAD version 2013.1 or later.

Export to AutoCAD:

Export to DXF and DWG. Supports DXF file format version 2014. Supports mesh generation of solids. Supports CIM database for importing. Supports image overlays. Supports AutoCAD version 2017 or later.


Jobs were developed to make processing and managing a large number of drawing sets easier.

In addition to the many new features in AutoCAD, we focused on polish and usability to ensure that you’re getting maximum value from AutoCAD, using its full potential.

Faster creation of line networks

We developed an approach that speeds up creation of line networks when the network is open. We have made significant improvements to the algorithm that is used to determine where new segments of the network should be added and how the network should be split up. In the new approach, the user no longer has to step through each segment in the network looking at every possible endpoint to make a decision. Once a segment is selected, the network will automatically break up into new segments to achieve a balance between minimizing the number of changes to the network and optimizing the robustness of the network.

Graphics improvements

We’ve developed new advanced graphics capabilities, including:


Availability for users with Visual Disability (VD)

Enhanced options for creating rich graphics using True Type fonts.


With the new AutoComplete menu, you can quickly access commands and properties that are automatically included in the Automate palette. Additionally, you can also access the group of commands associated with a selected command. The command group can be edited and reassigned to a new command. When you create

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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