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AutoCAD is a Windows-only program. In 2009, Autodesk launched AutoCAD LT, an inexpensive, low-fidelity version of AutoCAD with less functionality, available for free to students, educators, and individuals who are not licensed CAD users. In 2013, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD R14, a more fully featured app with a simpler, more intuitive user interface. Since then, AutoCAD LT has been discontinued.

Although AutoCAD is compatible with all supported versions of Windows, it only runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. AutoCAD uses a dialect of the PostScript page description language developed by Adobe Systems for printing documents on printers or plotters. PostScript is a hardware-independent page description language that represents vector graphics and fonts with data structures.

A host of add-ons, such as 3D and bitmap-image functions, allow users to use AutoCAD as a professional tool to create and manipulate 3D models and BIM data and to build web pages and animations.


Applications and desktop

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) application available as a desktop app for Windows PCs, as a web app on Windows or Mac systems, and as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The desktop version of AutoCAD features a tabbed workspace that includes Design, Home, Options, Data, Print, Scribe, and Sheetmetal. The Design tab provides the basic tools for creating and editing 2D drawings. The Home tab gives users quick access to common commands, such as the command line and settings, and the Options dialog box. The Data tab includes the Database Manager, the Windows Control Panel, the System Registry, and the AutoCAD Log. The Print tab provides tools for preparing and printing documents. Scribe displays drawing information when it is pressed, such as the name of the tool, drawing information, and the current layer, view, and active drawing object. The Sheetmetal tab contains the tools and settings for creating and editing 2D views of 3D drawings.

The Web-based version of AutoCAD is designed for use on mobile and web-enabled computing devices. The app version of AutoCAD provides the same tools and settings, and the same workspace, but with a simplified user interface.

Mobile app

AutoCAD LT Mobile offers an easy way to create drawings, drawings with annotate, and reports from a mobile device.

AutoCAD Free

AutoCAD Full Crack’s direct predecessor was called AutoLISP. Unlike AutoLISP, AutoCAD has a similar style of programming called Visual LISP. AutoLISP is basically a continuation of the AutoCAD LISP system. The biggest drawback to AutoLISP is its extremely slow performance. Due to the fact that many AutoCAD features, such as visual editing, depend on AutoLISP as their main programming language.

AutoCAD has the ability to use different technologies, and the only one it could not implement was Visual Basic for Applications. Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is a language that allows the creation of application objects by drawing elements on a Microsoft Windows screen. It allows easy user interaction and the quick development of graphical applications. Despite AutoCAD not being able to use VBA, customers have been able to integrate VBA objects into their AutoCAD drawings.

Initially, AutoCAD didn’t have a true direct substitute for VBA. Instead of Visual Basic for Applications, AutoCAD used Visual LISP. This allowed drawing elements and programming code to be created at the same time. The underlying programming language was visual, not programming. This is because programming is a much slower process than drawing. The fact that it was visual also made it much faster to draw elements. Eventually, AutoCAD was able to support true VBA, which is now Visual Basic for Applications.

, the AutoCAD program is free of cost, for individuals and commercial users. A trial version of the software is available. In the trial version, only the most basic features can be used. The full version of the software can be purchased from Autodesk for US$795 for a single-user license. This license allows the individual to use AutoCAD for a single license on their computer and also for unlimited users for a monthly or annual subscription.

The AutoCAD software has been created to use an object-oriented design, as well as a component-based architecture. The object-oriented design allows complex and specific drawing entities to be created. This allows the user to create their own objects for any feature needed for the project. This also helps to create a system that is self-sufficient, so it only requires the main AutoCAD software. The component-based architecture allows features to be integrated with the main software in order to create a more complete package. This gives the program the capability to automatically perform functions and calculations if they are

AutoCAD Crack

Understand the original model.dwg file. The file should contain two parts in a ZIP archive.

The first part of the archive is the 3ds-max binary. The second part is the XML data.
The XML data is what you have to modify and translate to the different 3d formats that can be read in by 3ds Max.

Now you have a 3d file you can import into the Inventor modeler.

Modeler code example
Int32Model from_3ds_file(U8* 3d_file, EFI_GUID* in_guid, EFI_GUID* in_guid_prototype,
EFI_GUID* in_guid_autocad,
EFI_GUID* in_guid_model,
EFI_GUID* in_guid_model_prototype,
EFI_GUID* in_guid_orig,

What’s New in the?

The ability to send annotations directly to drawings:

Specify any shape, position, or annotation to be sent automatically to drawings. See the UML Drawing standard for details. Use the AUTOCAD COMMANDCONTEXT for drawing object status and update commands to send annotations to drawings.

Directly position on lines and shapes, in addition to the existing direct positioning on:

Sections, surfaces, arcs, and other geometric entities

Nudge an entity a specified number of units in any direction. (dynamic nudge)

Mirroring of annotations, lines, and shapes.

Limit editing to a selected number of entities.

Re-order entities when applied to a command. (auto sort)

Shrink or expand drawings:

Shrink and expand drawings without any further editing steps.

Edit drawings with more precision.

Display the drawing editor and key commands in the upper right corner of the drawing window. (drawing toolbox)

The ability to lock a layer or layer scheme:

Protect layers from unwanted editing.

Protect a drawing from undoing changes on a locked layer.

Protect layer properties from editing.

Lock layers and layerschemes.

Edit drawings with more precision.

Connecting Through Networks:

Send drawings to other desktops, other AutoCAD users, or into the cloud.

Use the online help to connect drawings to the internet.

Perform a TCP/IP connection.


Security is important when sharing a drawing with others. If your network is behind a firewall, you can authenticate with a password. See Autocad connection security.

Control access to the server or client side.

Control sharing:

Share drawings and users through an access control list (ACL). (enable sharing of layers)

Ensure that users and groups can only access specific drawings.

Automatically save drawings when using the Save tool.

Set ACLs on drawings.

User access to drawings in Internet Information Services (IIS).

Restrict download of drawings.

Version control through the AUTOCAD CODE Server (ACS).

Auditing drawings:

Audit drawings to ensure their integrity.

Set confidentiality on drawings

System Requirements:

OS X 10.10 or later
Windows 7 or later
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2520M
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 100 MB free space
How to Install:
Download the game.
Extract the archive.
Run the game.
Version History:


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