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In the late 1990s, AutoCAD started to show steady growth in business, thanks to its strong price/performance ratio, its high-quality output, and its wide user base. In 1997, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT were among the first Windows applications certified for the Windows 98 operating system. AutoCAD LT, an improved derivative of AutoCAD, was first released in 1999.

Since its first release, the application’s user base grew steadily. The version number and sales doubled every two years. In 2003, AutoCAD was released as a complete version number, allowing users to upgrade to the current version without losing all their previous files, and AutoCAD 2000 was released as a release number. AutoCAD 2000 added several new features, including “registered types” (types that could be used to make new objects from their own description), extensibility, the ability to connect objects to other objects, and an outline/wireframe feature. It was also available as a web-based app.

AutoCAD has been compared to Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Inventor, Inventor, and Microstation. Like other AutoCAD users, it can export standard DWG files (or IGES and STL formats) that are widely used in the industry. It has been criticized for its $10,000 cost, and lack of standardization. Users of other CAD programs are often used to the features and interface of the graphics package they use.

Technical issues

Using the code of an older AutoCAD release, a user can usually install a more recent version, as long as they have the installation CD or a copy of the disc. The process can be rather lengthy and tedious, however, since all the files on the disc must be replaced and all the drivers must be reinstalled.

There is also a different version for each license. The AutoCAD installation disc contains the installation for every version of the product, from 16-bit to 64-bit, and even if a person has just purchased the product, the installer will be the same. This results in many wasted discs. This is also a problem for those that do not have an original installation disc.

The official way to obtain AutoCAD is through an authorized dealer or distributor, which may charge a sales tax in the user’s state of residence. The retail price for an installation version is approximately $10,000.


AutoCAD Crack+ Download [Win/Mac]

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mvn install – not including artifacts

I have a central artifact repository that I use to manage my different modules, say repository. My question is how can I have maven install only the build of the current module. Not just all artifacts?
If I have modules foo, bar and xyz. I want to be able to run mvn install -P foo, mvn install -P bar and mvn install -P xyz and have them each build only their module’s build.


In your pom.xml, you specify which modules you want to build with the profile properties. In your case, you’d set them to foo, bar, and xyz.


Then, when you build each module, you’d add the appropriate profile:
mvn clean install -P foo

For more information, see Maven Profiles.

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What’s New In?

Import at 90° and 360°:

Select and import at 90° and 360°. You can now import CAD data into your drawing and share the same drawing file with your colleagues at any angle.

Interactive Import:

Seamlessly import layers and annotations by following the objects in the drawing as they move around the page.

Edit geometry and feature attributes:

Modify the geometry of your drawings with new tools that show the detailed changes you make and update the attributes of objects after the update.

Enhanced Modeling:

Drag and drop. You can now drag any two design elements, connect them with a simple drag and drop, and create complex relationships between them.

Visual Experience:

Use the new Snap toolbar to make sure you draw exactly where you want to. Easily navigate the document by using the crosshairs. And now you can even make selections of more than one shape.

Resize drawings:

Quickly change the scale of your drawing by using the new quick scale feature.

Simple Sharing:

Share and print to PDF with a single click.

Smarter editing:

Automatically create the changes you want.

Share in the cloud:

Now send your designs to the cloud, then access them from anywhere.

Creating and editing:

Use the new template builder to create CAD drawings faster. And now you can draw a direct edit on your drawing.

Drawing stability:

The print preview has been optimized to help you catch drawing errors.

See the latest news:

For more information on these and other AutoCAD 2023 features, see the new AutoCAD 2023 Release Notes, at


Rapidly send and incorporate feedback into your designs. Import feedback from printed paper or PDFs and add changes to your drawings automatically, without additional drawing steps.

Powerful markup tools make it easy to provide feedback and suggestions for your colleagues. The new tools import and export, hide, highlight, cross-reference, and track changes. You can also view feedback as comments and notes, and make them part of your designs.

AutoCAD 2023 for Web now allows you to import or export feedback to or from paper-

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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