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Many people are drawn to AutoCAD Cracked Version because it is extremely powerful and easy to use. Although it can also be complex, AutoCAD Crack is one of the best-selling and most used software packages in the world. Users around the world rely on AutoCAD Torrent Download to produce quality drawings, help engineers plan projects, and generally assist with the design of everyday objects.

The world’s first ever CAD program, the unique combination of speed, precision, and innovation makes AutoCAD the CAD application of choice for most users. In addition to being very fast and easy to learn, AutoCAD has been continuously enhanced and refined over the years and makes it easier than ever to produce accurate drawings. This article will provide an introduction to this highly popular, user-friendly and efficient CAD program.

Getting Started

The AutoCAD App Launcher

The AutoCAD App Launcher is the easiest way to start using AutoCAD. When you first install the AutoCAD App Launcher you are asked to choose the CAD application you want to use. Then, as you launch the App Launcher, you are brought to the main page, shown below.

To open the application you want to use, just click on the CAD application of your choice. If you wish to select another CAD application, simply click on the menu item, “CAD applications,” and you will find a list of all the CAD applications you have installed.

By default, the AutoCAD App Launcher opens to the main page, the home page for the selected CAD application.

If the AutoCAD App Launcher is not displayed on your desktop, press Ctrl+K to open it.

If you prefer to start with a different starting point, click on the home icon in the App Launcher. When the home page is displayed, click on the “Tools” button and you will be presented with the list of applications.

If you do not see a “Tools” menu button on your home page, press the tab key on your keyboard and the “Tools” button will be displayed on your home page.

The home page in the App Launcher gives you a quick look at all of the basic functions of the selected CAD application.

The CAD home page contains the following functional areas:

Drawing Area, this area is the center of the CAD application. Use this area to edit your drawings.

This area is the center of the

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In 2009, Autodesk released a new product, AutoCAD Architecture. This product is in the line of AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Electrical and is a modeling program for architectural design.

Net Viewer and Web Viewer

Autodesk also offers a web-based viewing application, Net Viewer. The web application is designed to provide the same functionality as AutoCAD LT in a browser-based environment. Net Viewer works in conjunction with the Autodesk Design Cloud.

Free Net Viewer

The software is available for free and accessible via Internet browsers on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac platforms. This service is not geared toward a specific use. It is useful for viewing a drawing in a browser-based environment and not as a program that supports CAD-specific operations. Net Viewer works on any operating system that meets minimum requirements.

Free 30-day trial

Net Viewer is offered for free for 30 days for new users. After 30 days, a service contract is required.

Autodesk Trial VIA

The AutoCAD LT trial version is VIA (Visual Internet Application) which runs in a browser. The trial version of AutoCAD LT can be downloaded from the Autodesk VIA site for free.

Net Viewer Professional

Net Viewer Professional

This software was released in 2005 and was an upgrade from the free Net Viewer. The price is now US$29.95 per month or $399.40 per year for free.

Net Viewer PRO

Net Viewer PRO is a computer-aided drafting program developed by Autodesk that offers many of the same drawing and documentation capabilities found in Autodesk AutoCAD as a computer-based system. In addition to enabling users to create, import, edit, and view 2D, 3D, and drawing documentations, Net Viewer PRO also offers users the ability to track changes and manage drawing information using version control software.

There are three levels of subscription pricing for Net Viewer PRO.
Net Viewer PRO Basic
Net Viewer PRO Advanced
Net Viewer PRO Architectural


NETcad is Autodesk’s CAD-based version of PTC’s Pro/ENGINEER. While it is functionally similar to Pro/ENGINEER, with many of the same capabilities, it is not available on


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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Markup Assist is a new tool that lets you apply hidden changes to existing objects in your drawing while you work. The automatic changes can be made without requiring you to redraw the hidden objects in your drawing.

Markup Assist enables you to automatically apply hidden changes to objects in your drawing while you work.

To bring over all user and hidden objects in your drawing to the same coordinate system, use the Markup – Create User Objects from Hidden tool. (video: 1:14 min.)

Examine Clipboard History:

Easily access the clipboards of other users on your network. Simply select the Examine button and see a list of users on your network, with the name and AutoCAD version of each user. You can filter the list of users to display a subset of users.

Examine enables you to search other AutoCAD users on your network, list by user name and AutoCAD version.

The Delete command deletes a specific AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT command from the clipboard.

The Delete command deletes a specific AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT command from the clipboard.

The Delete command deletes a specific AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT command from the clipboard.

Command Extension:

The new Command Extension tool lets you create your own commands that are just like built-in commands, but with custom text. Create your own commands without having to learn the command syntax and editing techniques used by the commands.

The Command Extension tool enables you to create your own custom commands, like a built-in command, but with custom text.

The Command Extension tool enables you to create your own custom commands, like a built-in command, but with custom text.

The Command Extension tool enables you to create your own custom commands, like a built-in command, but with custom text.

Customize Visual Styles:

You can now easily custom design visual styles in one place, across the entire drawing. The new Visual Styles customization panel helps you:

Change colors, linetypes, lineweights, lineopacity, linestyle properties and visual effects to create your own custom visual styles.

Customize colors, linetypes, lineweights, lineopacity, linestyle properties and visual effects to create your own custom visual styles.


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Minimum system requirements:
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 10
Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz/AMD Athlon
5GB available HDD space
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