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In its basic form, AutoCAD is designed to allow users to draw or “print” 2D drawings using the mouse. Users can create line drawings, polyline, multiline, arc, circular, and many other shapes. A typical AutoCAD user may work in numerous drawing views, or layers, and make changes or updates to existing drawings using the mouse.

AutoCAD also has 3D capabilities, allowing users to draw, modify and view 3D objects and structures. Users can view, rotate, and zoom the 3D structure in any of the three available viewports, and place a 3D object anywhere on the 2D drawing canvas. AutoCAD uses an internal graphics co-processor called the Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) to automatically manage and control the geometry processing and rendering of 3D objects.

On May 18, 2009 Autodesk announced AutoCAD 2009, the first major revamp since its release in 1987. The new version features an improved user interface and more streamlined navigation, as well as a new 3D drafting engine that is designed to be more robust. AutoCAD 2009 continues to support the majority of features found in the previous releases.


First releases

AutoCAD was originally developed by a small company called WST CAD, which was owned by Bill Stover and Jack Kent. Autodesk purchased WST CAD in 1980 and eventually re-released the AutoCAD product for both PCs and workstations. In 1982, AutoCAD was released for the first time and available only for sale in the United States. Prior to that time, most CAD applications were sold on mainframe computers and minicomputers. AutoCAD was introduced at the same time that commercial CAD programs were running on Apple’s Lisa, Xerox’s Star, and on other personal computers. The first version of AutoCAD, Release 0.5, was only for sale to members of the Autodesk community. The only way to get your hands on a copy of AutoCAD was to purchase a membership, which cost $10.00 and allowed the user to access the latest versions of the program and technical support. Release 0.5 was on a new company standard called the Autodesk Intergraph Interpress format, or AI, which featured a series of graphics primitives.

The first version of AutoCAD was written entirely in assembly language, but was run on top of the operating system CP

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What Exactly is ‘Elastic’ SSD?

Posted on May 11, 2017May 11, 2017 by admin

What Exactly is ‘Elastic’ SSD?

We all know what a regular SSD is; it’s a hard drive that stores information by using electric charge to manipulate the magnetic particles of a disk. Today, however, SSDs have become much more than they were in the past. They are now being used not only as storage drives, but also as a cache, or even as a database. But the question on many minds is ‘what is an elastic SSD?’

What’s an SSD, anyway?

An SSD is one of the fastest and most efficient computer storage mediums available today. As a storage drive, it can provide you with faster boot times, faster data access and sturdier reliability. But as a cache, it can also help you to keep track of your apps, files and even games.

Being an SSD is almost a necessity for games and applications; it gives you access to information at a much faster rate than a regular hard disk drive. Furthermore, as a cache, it stores the data that you download and install; this way, you no longer have to download and install it again. The best part about using an SSD as a cache is that it works perfectly well with flash memory, which is much faster than your RAM (random access memory).

In fact, there are actually two types of SSDs available: the first one is a traditional disk drive that uses mechanical mechanisms to store data. It’s also called a ‘hard drive’. The second one is an SSD that is made using flash memory. It’s also called an ‘SSD’.

So what’s the difference?

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However, if you ask your computer’s manufacturer, it will tell you that an SSD is more reliable and durable than a regular hard drive. It’s true that an SSD doesn’t wear out as easily as a hard drive.

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# Additional Features of Autocad

Other than the normal process to open Autocad, you can do more other things as well.

Here are the steps to use the additional features of Autocad.

Add a block

You can add different types of blocks in Autocad.

1. Go to View menu.
2. Select the Details option.
3. Select the Block Editor and open it.

4. You can see that there are many options. You can add or remove blocks.
5. You can change the color of the block.
6. You can also add various types of connectors.

# Autocad Patents

Autocad is world renowned for its ability to maintain accurate modeling. It is the key to the modern world, and there are millions of families who depend on Autocad. There are many patents related to Autocad and users can use these patents in different ways.

# Digital BIM (Building Information Modelling)

In the new era of technology, the focus is on the idea of information. This process is called the information revolution. The new age has a revolution in the construction industry. Now, the building blocks are information. The digital information provides accurate information for the user.

The new technology is based on the fact that everything can be broken down into digital information. This information has to be combined to bring out the concept that can be seen by the user.

# Introduction to BIM (Building Information Modelling)

It is an open innovation and digital information system to manage the planning, design, construction, and management of any buildings. It provides a common information system for different stakeholders. It creates a more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective method of communication.

# What is BIM?

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Selective Marking:

Select individual geometry elements and apply unique styles and dimensions to them. Use scale, color, and linetype to uniquely identify anything in your drawing.

Right to Left Text:

Add text from left to right. Allow users to continue to view existing text.


Draw and edit accurate geometric shapes with reusable symbols. Create and use your own symbols and symbol libraries.

Digital Project Repository:

Share, publish, and collaborate on new design ideas and projects with other users.

Embedded Web App:

Draw directly in web browsers with a new embedded web app.

Plan-Scale Drafting:

Easily add plan view to 2D drawings and embed data from the associated 3D model.

Automatic View-to-View Creation:

Easily display additional views of the same design to keep your drawings organized and up-to-date.

Smart Guides:

Smart guides automatically adapt to the geometry of your drawing so you can draw more accurately. Smart guides also show you the status of your pen and virtual ruler.


Precisely control the position and scale of any object to be placed.

Faster Path Creation:

Draw complex paths and get high-quality results faster. Use the new Find Path tool, which finds the best way to connect two points to create a path.

Automatic Reposition:

Get precise control over the repositioning of your drawing.

Flat Layers:

Switch between flat and non-flat (3D) views. Create and organize all drawing views from a single perspective and dimension.

Live Dashboard:

With a new integrated live dashboard, take a glance at multiple aspects of your drawings, such as layers, dimensions, and annotation, to see how your work is progressing.

Ease of Use:

Create and edit your drawings with the same ease and efficiency that you expect from your favorite design software.

Improved Dynamic Annotation:

Edit and modify annotations on the fly. Quickly edit text, add and modify layers, and easily move, scale, and rotate annotations in your drawings.

Extended Markup Options:

Design and represent complex elements with customizable styles and guides. Choose from a variety of

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Update 1.6.1
– Fixed an issue where players could see enemies flying through buildings or over walls.
– Fixed a case where the group leader’s attack times would be longer than those of other party members.
– Fixed an issue where a message may not display when a player dies after a revive or revive bug.
– Fixed an issue where a message may not display when a player is revived after dying.
Patch 1.6
– Added a new boss.


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