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Alexandria, IL – “I know you can’t stand it.
We both do.
Don’t you see how my eyes are drawn
to her?
“When I see
her walking down the street
flaunting her flawless skin
and that fall of silky hair,
I can’t take my eyes off her.
“But you won’t even look her in the eye.
You just walk by.
“But I know that when you do,
it’s her.
“She’s yours.”

There is a real love story in this short story. The couples lives are separated for long periods of time by wars, law enforcement and other obstacles. The two are reunited and left with the burden of being a single parent to two young children.

The story is filled with humor. When the two are reunited, they both have some extra baggage that they struggle to navigate.

I’ve lived through the long arduous processes of divorce. And I truly understand the effects of being separated from a spouse for several years.

So I can understand the slow healing process of being apart.

It’s difficult to communicate with your ex-husband over email. You have to figure out who is who so you can address the issues without putting someone else’s spouse in a compromising situation.

That said, I loved the humor in this story. The fact that the couple can’t connect face to face and they have to exchange emails to communicate.

We used to say to each other, “We just don’t get along.” Of course we weren’t getting along, we were separated for years. But we understood each other’s sarcasm.

And we learned how to articulate our thoughts through the written word.

We were always able to










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