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Siel is extremely populated. I’ve heard that aion classic kinah levels are difficult due having to gank. I’m playing on another server and it’s quite easy to get level. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.This month, I decided to end my classic. The game isn’t an enjoyable experience but rather the sheer amount of bots. It’s hard to play the game when there are so many bots all around you. Goldsellers are also frustrating and NCsoft won’t take a shite about it..It’s their decision. It’s a bit odd to increase my level of gathering and helping others play the Manduri quests even when I’m cheating. I’m not judging you for not believing me, I probably wouldn’t either. But what I’m stating is 100% the truth. I’ve never even used Shugo Console!Finally, I got someone to tell me why I was barred. Beware, people. Utilizing SteelRake and performing the HairPin quest can result in being ban if it’s done repeatedly. That’s exactly what I did along with the other players part of the LFG group I was part of. The plan was to kill the mobs, then collect the 12 hairpins, and then head to the Shugo , and then turn into our quest. Following that the game was over, we’d come back in Steel Rake and continue in the same way. It’s something most people would do even when the game first launched back in 2009. I had no idea this was an exploit! I’ve responded to them asking if this is an exploit or a false positive on their part. According to me, this does not appear to be an exploit but appears to be a deliberate decision? You should be cautious if you do this with the hairpin investigation.This is insane. There was a plethora of crazy groups on lfg just posting for hairpin quest groups. I’m guessing that many of them got banned without knowing this was a bug. You didn’t have to manipulate the game in any way. How about they just modify it instead of exclusion of 15 percent of their player base. Because I was too to be busy with my farming app, I was happy to not join any of these groups.Your account was found violate the Rules of Conduct and the User Agreement. This was confirmed by the usage of an exploit in Steel Rake. The abuse was confirmed both by reports and through the game’s logs.As a result of this violation as a result of this violation, your account was temporarily suspended for seven days. Once the suspension of 7 days has ended, you’re invited to buy aion classic kinah eu log back into your account and continue playing. Take note that this is a final decision and any appeal will not be eligible.

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