Are you lips discolored from health issues or smoking

My lips have always been pink and healthy. In late July after not taking my medicine for hypothyroidism my lips were one of many things that took a hit. They turned this dark brown purple and were excessively dry and chapped.

Then out of chance I tried a lip plumper called HOTTIE. I only honestly used it because I wanted to see if it worked on already full lips. I wanted to be able to give true testimony to my customers. Well I was shocked! I used it twice a day as recommended starting early November and my lips have starting changing back to pink. Yes they’re still slightly discolored but they are not anywhere close to what they were before. 

I’m beyond elated that my lips are coming back. Having my lips in their prior condition effected my confidence and if I can help just one woman regain her confidence I would be honored.

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