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In recent years, as metal consumption has increased, new industries have evolved to take advantage of the superior properties of new alloys. These new alloys offer a host of improved physical properties over conventional steel alloys, but they require specific processing conditions in order to be useful.
Chromium-based alloys are widely used in high temperature applications, such as in heat exchangers and various types of refinery equipment, as well as in chemical processing equipment. Chromium-based alloys are also widely used in the production of steel, including stainless steel.
Titanium is an inert metal that is highly resistant to corrosion. It is used in a wide variety of applications, including oil and gas, refining, chemical production, and medical and electronics. Titanium is expensive and difficult to work with, so the use of titanium in commercial applications has been limited.
Many alloys combine two or more metals in order to achieve desirable properties. However, the combination of materials to create an alloy often results in one or more of the properties of the individual metals, as well as the properties of the alloys. For example, one metal may contribute superior strength and corrosion resistance to the alloy, while the other metal contributes its superior ductility. In some cases, the metals are present in the alloy in different forms, such as a solid solution of one or more of the metals. In other cases, one or more of the metals may be present in










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