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You could take the best part, put it in the middle, or overlay it on a previous one.

Coub is similar to iMovie. You can make as many loops as you want. . You can edit the length of them. You can even add slideshows and background music. It’s a really fun thing to make.

You can have an infinite number of loops. There’s really no limitation.

I added the “Play Video” button and “Preview” button to the top of my tab bar. You can click them to play or preview. They might be hard to spot on first. If you have a loop, you’ll see a play button on top of it. You can click it to play. If you click a loop that isn’t playing, it will preview it.

Coub supports most of the same features as iMovie. You can make as many slideshows as you want. You can trim the slideshows. You can add background music. You can make them loop continuously. You can preview them. You can also share them online.

I can’t provide screenshot examples. . Because of privacy restrictions, I can’t upload images from the web. You might have to try playing around with your loops.

An important feature that I just learned is the “Option” button at the bottom. There are two buttons. One is a “Change the length” button. The other one is a “Change the duration” button.

The play and preview functions are from iMovie. I haven’t really played around with them. I don’t want to clutter my loops. I prefer just having one on top. I also don’t have a Mac.

Coub is really cool. It’s a pretty popular App. I think it’s one of the more interesting iOS Apps. You can do a lot with it. You can make a lot of cool loops. I’d recommend trying it out. I have a lot of fun with it.













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