Again, I don’t care if people disagree with my views

What they’re probably using is like “unlagged Quake3”, it simply offsets the RuneScape gold reaction time with everyone elses’ in a synchronous fashion without you noticing any differences at all. This is how I felt. I’m not sure what it does.Elimination of the money-making aspect in Lumbridge through the work of skill tutors. I’m not happy over Jagex’s recent shift to Lumbridge. Jagex believed that Lumbridge had become too crowded, so he took away the tutors for skill. Lumbridge was never overcrowded before. Lumbridge is rather empty now.One of the best answers to the annoying “Can you have 5k plz?” “Need 5k” beggars that we often see on the Grand Exchange was, “No. You can be an Lumbridge tutor instead. If you play Runescape 5k, it’s not enough. Instead, you WANT 5k. This is a completely different story.Personal note: I really enjoyed the skill tutors. Jagex could have included the new Runescape Advisor feature, but without taking away the Lumbridge tutors… if people like learning things on their own, rather than going to an instructor and want to learn on their own, then good for the players – but it doesn’t mean that the Lumbridge tutors shouldn’t be eliminated for the players who did wish to utilize the tutors.The Runescape safe-zone (Lumbridge Varrock Falador), is now being guarded by new guards. This was stupid. Anyone under 60 must speak to guards in order to be allowed to leave the “safe zone”. Fine. For players levelled above 60, Jagex says that the new guards shouldn’t cause too much of a disturbance.However, when you get close to the guards your avatar slows down and then stops. The guards let you through. Your avatar gradually accelerates to the speed of running. You should be able to run past the guards if your level is 60 or higher.Again, I don’t care if people disagree with my views. What’s the point of reducing our speed, forcing us to stop before forcing us to go back into acceleration? Any top-ranking player will know that they have left the new safe space. The delay is an added annoyance that didn’t exist before, and cheap OSRS gold which serves absolutely no purpose. Although you’re in a safe area, guards will also stop you (another delay).

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