After the relaxing nature of PowerWash Simulator

Blizzard hero shooter sequel is the big new release this week FC 24 Coins. Elsewhere, were returning to The Last of Us, ranching slimes, flying planes, kicking soccer balls, and otherwise verbing nouns. Plus, the end of the year is rapidly approaching, so were racing to catch up with all the games that came out in  before we need to make our GOTY lists.


I did it. They got me. I caved and bought a third copy of The Last of Us. Once I start playing it I canrsquo;t stop and I have officially started playing it. This weekend it Part I and, who knows, maybe next weekend itrsquo;ll be Part II. Joel and Ellie are my post-apocalyptic pals, and they need my help.


After the relaxing nature of PowerWash Simulator, a game I played for weeks on end, you would think Irsquo;d be ready for some high-flying action title. Nope. Irsquo;m back into relaxation time. Slime Rancher 2 is out in early access, and Irsquo;m spending all my gaming hours collecting adorable Slimes, making sure they all have their favorite things to eat, and harvesting their poops to sell. It the kind of game you play where you lose half a day without even realizing it.


Last night, I stayed up till 2am figuring out how to properly feed Flutter Slimes on my ranch. (You need to turn them into Largos. No way around it. It just not feasible having to go collect Nectar for them out in the wild every time theyrsquo;re hungry.) Anyways, Irsquo;ll be playing Slime Rancher 2 this weekend. Irsquo;ll start playing Friday night, blink, and then next thing you know, itrsquo;ll be Monday morning.


You might expect me to be playing the latest and greatest game, but Irsquo;m actually going to be playing something over two years old now: Microsoft Flight Simulator cheap EAFC 24 Coins. The studio behind the game, Asobo, has been really great about releasing new content and this time around, we all get to explore Canada.

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