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Category:2008 video games
Category:PlayStation Portable games
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Category:Video games with cel-shaded animationKeeping the faith on the move in the South


For the past 18 years, Anna Frawley has worked as a curator at The Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans. But it’s not easy to live there. “It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s hot,” Frawley said recently, while sitting on the front porch of her apartment on Carrollton Avenue.

Not to mention hurricane season, which runs from June through November. Frawley has been living in the flood-prone city since the beginning of the hurricane season in 2002. She was only slightly rattled by the storm that hit her city two years ago. But she’s seen many storms come and go, and storms here are always serious.

As a curator, Frawley gets to see things other people don’t see. On the other hand, she also sees how the government protects people and business from the worst effects of these storms. It’s not an easy job. “We had to relocate twice. It was horrible,” she said.

Back in 2002, Frawley and a crew of volunteers were at St. Bernard Parish Coliseum, clearing out the stands and putting them to use in the public square. They had rented the

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