ACNH: Mystery Island Guide

In ACNH, one of the main things you need to do is to create, build and maintain your island. This is also where you and your villagers live privately and do most of the activities. However, your island is not the only place you can visit. You can get the codes to visit their island from your friends, or visit a mystery island.


Whenever you have a Nook Miles Ticket, you have the opportunity to explore a random mystery island. Random means that everything is unknown. You don’t know which island you will go to, but you can find clues about the types you may encounter.


“Normal” Island


“Normal” Island is the most common of the mystery islands. This island is very similar to yours. You can do some very common things there: dig fossils, shake trees and collect critters.


Hardwood Island


Hardwood Island is very similar to a normal island, with only one main difference, that is, all trees are hardwood. Similarly, you can do what you would normally do on the island.


Bamboo Island


All the trees on this island are bamboo, which makes it more valuable than hardwood islands. You can dig up bamboo on the Bamboo island and bring it back to your island for planting.


Scorpion Island


This island is a good place to find scorpions. Scorpion can bring you 8000 ACNH Bells, so this is a worthwhile attempt. There are two variants of Scorpion Island, one of which also has bamboo.


Tarantula Island


Like the scorpions, tarantulas are worth 8,000 Bells.


Fruit Island


This island is like a normal island, except that there are different types of fruits. You can also dig up these trees and replant them on your island.


Fish Island


There are several variants of Fish Island. One of them more frequently spawns rare fish like sharks. Others focus on big fish like Olive Flounder and the Oarfish. Both types of fish are very profitable. If you want to get Animal Crossing Bells, just grab them.


Bell Rock Island


On this island, you can mine rocks for Bells instead of standard rocks, iron, and clay. This is also a quick way to make bells.


Flower Island


The island spawns rare flowers and butterflies that you can’t get anywhere else.


Trash Island


This island is the last place players want to visit, because you will fish up a lot of trash here.

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