2-healing-NB is my favourite method of healing

If Blizzard created WoW today, then it wouldn’t be WOW TBC Gold called WoW. It would most likely be an Overwatch MMO or something completely innovative. They haven’t really done anything with Warcraft for a long time (besides hearthstone which could be a new game).If we look at Overwatch with what could have been the case with Project Titan and WoW and what may have been if WoW was released in 2021. I believe WoW2021 would be restricted to a few BGs that were half-assed and a few Arenas as well as loot boxes.If you look at their well-known MMO, built upon the IP they’ve maintained and upgraded for more than 15 years, there is no reason to assert that they’ve done any work using the IP. What else could they be doing other than Warcraft 4?A updated version of WoW would be awesome with a modern engine. Imagine the possibility of height as a factor in combat, or projectiles which can be able to block or hit objects other from their initial target.It’s actually a sort of silly and nonsensical argument. Modern expansions offer a more number of mounts than the TBC expansion did. I would warrant there is lots of variety in creation and acquisition. TBC was essentially dungeons drop Grindy dailies to earn recognition, and nether drakes, that were a stunning design.The entire concept of paying consmetics in an MMORPG is totally unjust. Classic was so essential because every cosmetic item corresponded with an in-game accomplishment. Rare Mounts, etc. were a highly-regarded item. The moment people have the ability to buy them they just become useless. It’s quite bizarre that people pay for mounts.Hmm, maybe a little less, but there are still unforgettable items in TBCC like stunherald Dst, dragonstrike of al’ar the list goes on and on. It’s not as many dungeonblues or p1 items that lasts absurdly long like they did in classic though.The later expansions are more interesting, but I think that noteable items disappear quickly. Except for the maledict trinket, that is not memorable due to reasons that are not really relevant, I am able to identify some wotlks and cata items.2-healing-NB is my favourite method of healing. I use pots early to replenish near full mana. Shadow friend is a character that appears during the 2nd ground phase. You can also pot CD to replenish it before fight ends if I have it. I also have buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold runes in my bag but do not use them, unless SHTF

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