10 Best ESA Dogs For You If You Work Full Time

It is natural for humans to dwell upon the love for their domestic animals since they play a big role in their lives. The relationship between humans and animals goes beyond tens of thousands of years. Humans have thrived throughout the time in history whereas animals have played a huge role in their development. Without them, humans are incomplete because their livelihood directly depends upon them. Humans have been using them for food, making clothes from their fur or skin, and for transportation purposes. Animals played a huge role in shaping this planet along with humans and this is enough evidence that over time man and animal have developed a cordial relationship that exists even today.


Animals vary from category to category whereas not every animal can thrive alongside humans like lions, alligators, tigers, Komodo dragons, and others having similar carnivorous nature. Animals such as cows, buffaloes, hens, goats, sheep, horses, dogs, cats, and so on are the most common animals people keep in their homes either for construction purposes or to get food from them. These domestic animals are the largest human resource however people keep pets for one of the important reasons. Pets like cats and dogs play an important role in providing emotional support to their owners.


Emotional support is an important concept when it comes to different psychological disorders. Humans are prone to negative thoughts that lead them to anxiety, depression, desperation, and different emotional setbacks. Having a healthy mental state is an important factor for thriving in daily life whereas many fail to keep a check on their thought pattern. Others suffer from traumatic experiences in their lives due to which it becomes difficult for them to cope with life and daily activities. Long-term exposure to negative feelings only leads to further ruin therefore emotional support animals play an important role in this aspect.


Dogs, Cats, hamsters, parrots, and other similar animals help in negating the negative attention of their owners from their thoughts. It should be remembered that these mental anomalies that lead to increased emotional disturbances are due to cognitive distortions or cognitive dissonance that occur due to external stimuli. These emotional support animals help in mitigating passive/ negative thoughts from their owner’s mind since they act as an external stimulus. The stimulation in this case has a positive effect on the owner’s mind. These pets that help in improving their emotional state are called emotional support animals and it is necessary to have a realesaletter for housing to keep them in homes or apartments.


Dogs and cats have been used as emotional support animals for a long time since they develop a strong bond with their owners due to their friendly and loyal nature. It is important to realize the fact that acknowledgment is the first step to improvement. Once an individual understands the importance of a good mental state and the role animals play in improving it, they will find the company of their pets more joyful and helpful.


It helps them in realizing how they help them in dealing with anxiety. For example, if a person comes home from work frustrated from having a bad day at the office, caring for his pet at home might bring his stress and anxiety levels down. The cute looks of their pet (cat or dog) will make them forget all the bad encounters they may have had with their boss or colleagues in the office.


Caring for animals provide the owners with a duty or inculcates a sense of responsibility within them and this allows them to develop consistent habits that focus on different aspects such as taking pets on walk, scheduling their bathroom timings, feeding them regular intervals, looking after their health and vaccinating them on time. It is highly recommended that people should get a real esa letter for themselves and their pets so that they can take their pets anywhere and enjoy the official benefits of ESA from the government.


Dogs are considered man’s best friend because they emit a sense of loyalty, friendliness, and protection for their owners. Like other emotional support animals, dogs can sense the mood shift of their owners and thus playfully engage with them to help them calm down. Emotional support animals are trained by the healthcare departments and psychological departments for therapeutic purposes. They are handed to patients for a time being to make them feel better. It is important to realize that there are those dogs that provide services and other dogs that are solely used for emotional support purposes.


This blog describes the top 10 best ESA dogs. It is important to realize that service dogs are trained to assist people with their disabilities, therefore, they can be taken everywhere and are allowed by the government, however, ESA dogs are not allowed everywhere, therefore, one must have an emotional support animal letter with themselves for their pet. Since we have this out of the way, let us jump toward the list of 10 best ESA dogs.


Yorkshire Terriers


These make a good choice for the ESA because of their smart and fun-loving nature.




These dogs make a close bond with their owners due to their cheeky and bossy nature. They are fluffy and make their owners feel good when they hold them


Cavalier King Charles


This breed is gentle and sweet with an adorable face. They are extremely helpful for therapeutic purposes.


Golden Retrievers


This breed keeps its owner busy in their day-to-day life tasks because they are stubborn but are great stress relievers.




This breed is the fastest when it comes to running and is very sensitive to the emotions of their owners making them one of the top 10 ESA pets.




The adorable face of this dog with wide big eyes would melt anyone’s heart. These pets fall under the category of happy-go-lucky and thus make a great bond with their owners.


Labrador Retrievers


This breed is gentle in dealing with its owners with a mild temperament. These breeds emit a sense of love and care for their owners




This breed is favored for its gentle nature with a sweet and friendly aura plus, they are extra cute as well.




Corgis are favored for their loyal and friendly nature and they have big bodies. Who wouldn’t like a well-mannered dog with a big body? 




Poodles are intelligent and trainable dogs and they have great qualities for becoming an ESA.

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